About Us

Our Mission

We are gaining our strength through knowledge we provide. Helping our customers to know more and do their business in the most efficient way by specific and innovated projects which satisfy their needs. Supported with team work, innovation, creativity and loyalty in order to meet our customers, employees and investors' expectations

Our Vision

Playing a vital role in the Qatari media sector to achieve Qatari vision of 2030, through develop of media sector ways, and shows its community responsibilities

Chairman Message

Believing in our responsibility towards our country and attempt to support our country vision, Tawasol center for advertising and organize has been established, to be as a media outlet, to highlight the greatest most important events and national projects in the State of Qatar, and display its importance in advancing development

As we are seeking through our projects and services to be permanent witness and true participant, who is carrying out part of information system, which show work quantity, development and insistence to achieve success in our country

In addition, the supporting undergraduates' youth, through permit opportunity to participate in their national events, considered one of the cornerstones of the center, which will provide huge opportunity to develop their capabilities and build practical thinking based on social responsibility

SKH Saoud Abdulla M. J. Al-Thani

Social Responsibility

Communicating with the community and display the true image of the development being witnessed by the State of Qatar is a priority for us, as our target is to cooperate with all segments of Qatar society

As we are sponsoring many national social events, with special concentration on the development role in all fields and activities, and we are committed to enhance the international Qatar reputation as excellence and progress in all areas

Tawasol Organizing Center considered one of the media establishments that strongly committed to achieve prosperity and sustainable development of the State of Qatar through its way to achieve the targets stated in Qatar National Vision 2030

As we are adopting various social responsibility programs that concentrate on knowledge through several methods, of which spreading the cultural and media awareness come on top to develop Qatar community and its local capabilities

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